EyeCanKnow's Technology

World renowned scientists at the University of Utah developed the underlying technology behind EyeCanKnow.


80% Accuracy

Same accuracy level as expensive and protracted polygraph tests.

3 US Patents

The technology behind EyeCanKnow is backed by three US patents

11 Scientific Articles

technology proven by 11 peer reviewed, scientific articles.

EyeCanKnow's algorithms


EyeCanKnow utilizes the camera on a test taker's mobile device to measure their deception about past experiences via changes in involuntary eye behavior, pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations, and other things.

Why does EyeCanKnow target the eyes?

Extensive research has shown that when we are being deceptive, it shows up in our eyes, whether we know it or not. When we are lying, our brain has to work harder. The greater the consequences of getting caught, the greater the conscious workload required (cognitive load) on our part. This affects the eyes in a manner that the test taker cannot control, and our algorithms pick this up.

However, no lie detection test is 100% accurate, but EyeCanKnow tests return a confidence range with a judgment. A user can refine a test further to get additional insights.