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Why Dating App Culture is a Dumpster Fire




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I recently read that women in particular believe dating culture driven by dating apps is a dumpster fire. I’ve certainly never heard anyone say “dating is awesome, can’t wait to do more of it!” As someone who’s been married for some time and am now on to grandchildren, I have some perspective.

When I was dating, there were no apps. You met who you ran into or who you got introduced to through your friends and family. The disadvantage was that your circle of contacts was dramatically smaller than it can be now. The advantage was that there was a screening mechanism (your friends and family).

I have sons and daughters that are now dating. They tell me about the various apps they use. While these technologies have dramatically increased the size of the circle of potential connections, they have dramatically reduced the screening mechanism. In fact, I’m terrified that someone my kids will find on-line will look great at first, but without any history or “due diligence” with family and friends, will reveal themselves as terrible people over time.

In general, technology is not assuming the responsibility of ensuring authenticity or accountability. The Wall Street Journal reported that 1 in 8 pre-teen and teen girls on Instagram had an unwanted sexual advance in the last 7 days! What?! Turns out Meta won’t fix it because doing so hurts their financial bottom line. So, how do we fix this problem of screening and can we do it while maintaining the ability to cast a wider net of connection and influence?

The answer is yes! New AI technology has advanced our ability to determine the credibility of a person’s on-line profile and their on-line and off-line behavior. This new technology, of which EyeCanKnowTM is one of the best, gives people and organizations the ability to “test” people’s identity, claims, and activities. Now we can introduce the screening that your friend or mother used to do to an audience many times wider than any friend or family could possibly know. What if you could ask the following questions of a potential date?:

  • Is your profile real?
  • Are you multi-dating?
  • Have you ghosted anyone before? And the kicker:
  • Have you ever physically accosted anyone?

The good news is that all the “good” people will be incentivized to adopt and use the technology to prove their integrity. Smart consumers will avoid anyone with out a “certificate” of truth. This will both ensure that technologies are more good than bad for people and will also help this father and grandfather sleep better at night knowing that there is a protection in place for his kids and grandkids.