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Keeping partners from straying





People who have cheated on a spouse or partner are “three times more likely to stray in a future relationship, as compared to people who had not been unfaithful before” ( If your partner has strayed before, how could you be sure they were not doing so again?

Repairing relationships requires trust. Trust is built through behaviors over time. But in order for the offended partner to give the straying partner a chance to rebuild that trust, it helps if there is a mechanism that establishes baseline truth. For example, when was the time a offense occured? With whom? What happened?

Knowing baseline truth for a relationship is difficult. Are both partners faithful? Is there a foundation of trust? Can the relationship be saved?

Knowing the truth is the starting point for saving any relationship. New technology is now available that can provide this foundation. This university developed, peer-reviewed and patented technology monitors the eyes to determine truthfulness. Answers to these key questions can be the foundation on which any relationship can begin to heal.