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How Often Do Suspected Cheaters Really Cheat?





At EyeCanKnow we run lie detector tests. It’s what we do. As you can imagine, we’ve seen the best and worst of people. People want to know whether their loved ones are doing drugs, abusing alcohol, viewing pornography, and yes, cheating. But how often are those suspected of these bad behaviors actually doing them?

If we take infidelity as an example, data suggests that 15-20% of married couples cheat. The rate of that cheating is shown to go up with age for both men and women ( Whether it’s cheating or some other destructive behavior, what we’ve learned is that when people are doing things that are hurting their loved ones, they are rarely honest about it.

If we take the data for infidelity from over 1,200 tests administered by EyeCanKnow shows that slightly more than a majority of the time, about 57% of the time, the test taker is innocent, the accuser is wrong. Stated in the reverse, about 43% of those suspected of cheating are classified as deceptive in our tests. While no test is 100% accurate, the data over time have been remarkably stable on this question. So, about half of the time, the suspecting partner is correct! But this also means that half of the time they are not. 

Using a peer-reviewed and patented technology like EyeCanKnow to provide answers about the difficult choices of others is one tool to find answers and clarity. But while it’s a strong tool, it’s only one data source. When someone is lying there are almost always other indicators besides the EyeCanKnow test. These are also important to corroborate the test results.

Regardless of whether the test taker is guilty or not, knowing is the key to starting fresh to build or repair a relationship. Distrust, born of the fog of suspicion, is the deadliest threat to any relationship.