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EyeCanKnow exists to help people answer their most intimate and personal questions about their relationships. Our custom tests help people keep their commitments in their interpersonal relationships by fostering transparency, accountability, and trust on issues of fidelity and sobriety. We believe strongly that where transparency and accountability exists, discipline is possible and relationships can be repaired and thrive.

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For the past 10 years our founders have helped build Converus, the world's leading provider of next-generation lie detection technology. This groundbreaking, patented and peer-reviewed technology evaluates ocular motor reactions to questions to determine whether people are being truthful and has been used over 500,000 times by governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies, and other business and non-profit organizations to establish credibility and identity. With the release of VerifEye, the mobile version of this technology, it became possible for EyeCanKnow to make these solutions available to individuals, to help them answer their most personal questions.


EyeCanKnow provides technology solutions to help people keep their commitments in their personal relationships.

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To be the most trusted solution people use to repair their relationships and find discipline in their lives.


We value transparency, accountability, discipline and integrity and believe that relationships flourish on the principles of truth and trust.

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