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Is your partner sexually faithful? Are loved ones sober from drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography? Know the truth through world-leading, inexpensive lie detection.

What do we do?

We use technology to make finding the truth easy.
Detect Lies
Patented science monitors changes in people’s eyes to determine if they are lying.
20 Minute Test
Tests can be taken anywhere, anytime on a mobile device in about 20 mins.
Credible Results
Over 500,000 tests run by governments and law enforcement agencies.
From $39 USD
Now it’s available to you for a fraction of the cost of a polygraph.

How does it work?

We build a custom test to answer your question in 4 easy steps.

Design your specific test
Each test is specific to the person taking the test. Variables to specify include what activity, with whom, from what time.
Download the app
The test is taken on a mobile phone using the VerifEye app, powered by Converus, the world leader in ocular motor credibility technology.
Take the test
Hold the phone in front of the face and answer the questions verbally. The camera on the phone captures subtle changes in the eyes that indicate whether a person is honest.
Get the results
After completing the test, the customer returns to the webpage and is given the opportunity to view the results, which are unlocked with a credit card payment. Results can be stored in a users account or deleted at any time. Stored tests remain private and anonymous to anyone other than the test taker or those they authorize
Ready to build your test?
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World’s Leading Technology
Ocular-motor deception research
22 years
US approved
3 patents
Scored tests
11 peer reviewed articles
19 studies

Simple no-gimmick pricing

The most affordable lie detection test on the market. You are only billed after the test is taken, so no surprises. Take as many tests as you like.

Truth verification test

Determine whether those you care about have been faithful or sober.

What’s included

  • Personalized truth verification test
  • Comprehensive results in minutes
  • Ability to store and use results as a scoreboard of progress
  • Full technical support

Only pay for results


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